A year ago today, my sweet husband completely surprised me and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.


If you’re in the mood to read a long, but really sweet engagement story, check out this post on my old blog.

We were both pretty pumped

We were both pretty pumped

I had a love/hate relationship with wedding planning, as I’m sure many brides do. I really enjoyed many aspects of it, but I hated having a never ending to-do list, especially towards the end. I have a few engaged friends that I’ve been helping plan their weddings, and I’ve realized it’s a lot less stressful to plan when it’s not your own wedding. I actually used to want to be a wedding planner when I “grew up,” but then I worked a few events during my internships and realized that was not what I wanted to do for 40+ hours every week. Plus, wedding planners mostly work nights and weekends – when everyone else is off work.

Speaking of weddings, we are going to our first wedding as a married couple this weekend!

Alright, that’s enough wedding talk for now. I promise I won’t always talk about weddings on this blog 🙂


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