Happy First Day of Summer!

Even though it’s felt like summer for a few weeks around here (minus all the rain we’ve gotten), today is first official day of summer. Andrew and I made a summer bucket list a few weeks ago and I thought I would share some of our ideas with you…

  1. Go on a hike
  2. Read a few books – some fun/fictional books and some non-fiction/learning books
  3. Make fruit cobbler (already did this once – many more to come)
  4. Make homemade ice cream at least 3 times (we are making some tonight!)
  5. Get a Peach Milkshake from Chick-fil-a
  6. Try to have friends over for dinner every other week (we are on track so far)
  7. Play tennis…should be interesting
  8. Go swing dancing
  9. Play Monopoly (this one was Andrew’s idea – not too excited about this one haha). 
  10. Have multiple picnics in the park
  11. Take advantage of the Swamp Rabbit Trail. 

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a former railroad track that has been transformed into a 17.5 mile multi-use trail. Since the trail is basically in our back yard, we want to take full advantage of it while we’re living downtown. We frequently run or take walks along the trail, and I want to continue to do that throughout the summer. There are also plenty of grassy areas along the trail that are perfect for picnics. We packed a lunch the other week and found a nice spot to picnic, but unfortunately, our dreamy afternoon ended with us running back to our house to escape the torrential downpour that came out of nowhere. Next time we’ll check the forecast. 

ImageI snapped this photo  a few weeks ago when Andrew and I walked downtown to get some ice cream one night. So lush and green.

Anyone have a summer bucket list? 


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