Best Month of the Year

I love October. Like a lot.

I know, I know – so does every other girl in the world. I’m starting to wonder if people loved fall before social media. I certainly don’t remember them loving it so much. Is anyone with me on this one? It seems like fall, PSLs, pumpkin inspired Pinterest recipes, and apple picking are the only things showing up on my Facebook and Instagram feeds these days.

I’m not pointing any fingers. I’ve already been apple picking and made my fair share of pumpkin recipes this year, and my house is now fully decorated for fall thanks to a visit from “The Fall Fairy” (aka my mom). She came over the other day and helped me get everything setup.

October is also my “birthmonth,” which Andrew and I have already been celebrating, even though it’s still 12 days away 🙂 If you know me at all, you know that I love birthdays. While I admittedly love my birthday a lot, I also love celebrating other people’s birthdays too.  Both my best friend and Andrew’s best friend are getting married this month (a week apart), so October is full of celebrations these year.

Between weddings and birthdays, we are going to try to squeeze in some more Clemson football and hopefully a few fall activities. Here’s to pumpkins and PSLs!

Side note: I actually probably won’t buy that many PSLs because they cost like $4 a drink, and that adds up really quickly…yay for budgets?



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2 responses to “Best Month of the Year

  1. Anonymous

    I wonder if the Fall Fairy could come this way? She would have fun with my freshly painted and all cleaned up house AND new front door color!

  2. Anonymous

    That was from me, Jen Reyes!

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