Christmas Recap

I know I’m a little late on this one, but I wanted to at least wanted to have some type of documentation about  Christmas this year.

2013 was definitely one for the books. A lot of it had to do with the fact that it was our first married Christmas, but it was so wonderful.

Main gifts for me this year included running shoes (we’re training for half marathon in February), regular clothes, workout clothes, a study Bible, a bike from Andrew’s parents, jewelry, and a few other fun things.

Main gifts for Andrew this year included a bike rack (for our new bikes), a Fossil watch, a few nice button-ups to wear with suits, and a wallet.

Gift giving is my main love language, so Christmas is such a fun time for me because I get to give and get gifts. The only downside is that I sometimes stress out about what to give people because I spend a lot of time searching for “the perfect gift” for every person on my list.

We stayed in Greenville for the majority of the holidays, and it was so nice to have some downtime with Andrew. We both took off the week in between Christmas and New Years, and even though I ended up having strep throat for a few of those days,  I still really enjoyed spending time with him and just having more free time in general to hangout with friends and family.


Andrew likes to throw me off as much as possible with his wrapping, hence the very weird shapes.



Christmas morning


Celebrating Christmas at my grandparents’ house the day after Christmas.




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3 responses to “Christmas Recap

  1. Where are your PJ’s from? I love them! I am such a sucker for PJ’s!

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