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Half Marathon Recap

Instead of eating lots of chocolate (I wanted to so bad!) and going out to eat for Valentine’s Day last weekend, Andrew and I loaded up the car with his parents and drove to Myrtle Beach to run a half marathon the next day. We’ve been training for a half marathon since before Thanksgiving, and race weekend had finally arrived.

We woke up at 4:30am on Saturday morning to the sound of raining pouring on the roof. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. The hourly forecast didn’t give us much hope, but of course the rain was supposed to let up right after the race. The race was scheduled to start at 6:30, and it was still raining right until we lined up at the start line, so we put our ponchos on and got ready to run in the rain. I may love running in the cold, but one thing I don’t do is run in the rain.

photo (15)

2014 02 20 sony 017

Here we are at the start. See if you can find Andrew. Hint: look for a blue poncho, red hat, and hands up in the air. He was jammin.

Thankfully, the rain stopped less than five minutes after the race started (thanks, Lord!). We threw our ponchos aside and kept running. Even though the rain had stopped, we were still facing winds at about 20 mph, which wasn’t ideal, but I’ll take that over rain any day.

The race was completely flat, which was nice since that’s what we had trained on. It was also somewhat spectator friendly, which was much different the my first half marathon I ran in Raleigh, NC two years ago. I really enjoyed lots of people cheering us on along the way. It ended up being in the upper 40’s, which is a little warm for my taste (I know, I’m weird), but Andrew liked it.

2014 02 20 sony 03 hori3

We finished in 1:57:40, which is a few minutes slower than what I ran my first half marathon in.  I would have loved a new PR, but I was still happy that we finished in under two hours, especially since we were running against the wind the majority of the race. As weird as it may be, I really think I run faster in the freezing cold. I compared our 10k split in the race with our 10k time from Asheville a few weeks ago, and we were four minutes slower in Myrtle Beach, which is a good bit, especially when you double it. Not to mention that I walked a lot on the last mile in Asheville because of all the hills, and the only time we walked during the half was through the water stops.

All that to say, I still feel like running a half marathon is a big accomplishment and I don’t want to get too caught up on times. It wasn’t easy, but Andrew and I had a lot of fun running it together. I don’t know that it will be our last 🙂 You kind of catch a running bug after you finish the race and forget all those early Saturday mornings filled with long runs. Andrew seemed to enjoy it much more than I thought he would. He hated training and skipped out on a lot of days, but he still did fine in the race of course. We’re currently contemplating doing a sprint triathlon in May.

photo (16)

Here we are with part of our cheering squad – Andrew’s brother, Matthew, and his wife, Catherine! Andrew’s parents were also there cheering us on. They got up super early on a Saturday morning stood out in the cold for two hours, met us at the halfway point and gave us some energy chews, and then were waiting for us at the finish line. It was so fun to have friendly faces in the crowd surrounding the finish line.

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Grown Up Snow Days

The Carolinas got hit with a major winter storm this week (at least for us). Greenville got around 5-6 inches of snow, which rarely happens. When this does happen, the whole town literally shuts down. Hardly anything is open and people stay pretty close to home.

One of the few downsides of working from home is no snow days, so even though I worked through the storm, I still loved watching the big snowflakes fall all day while I plugged away.

Andrew and I were itching to get out yesterday, so we went to lunch at one of the few restaurants open downtown. He went and played football  while I finished up work, but as soon as I was done, I talked him into going back out for a walk. Here are a few pictures I snapped along the way.

photo (12)

photo (10)

Falls Park in the snow

photo (13)

A snowy, mostly empty Main Street

photo (14)

photo (9)

photo (11)

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