Life Lately

Life for us lately has been a nice balance. I’ve enjoyed having a few slower weekends because I know we don’t have many of those coming up over the next few months. Here’s a glimpse of our last few weeks in photos…

IMG_3205 copy

We celebrated my sister’s 18th birthday a few weeks ago. We went out for a hibachi dinner (the only time we eat this meal is for birthdays) and came back to the house for cake and presents.


I helped my sister get ready for her jr/sr last weekend. Andrew and I also had a chance to test out our bikes on the Swamp Rabbit Trail for the first time.

3-30_2We had a wedding last Saturday night. My future sister-in-law, Katie, was the Maid of Honor. Isn’t she the prettiest bridesmaid?


One of my college roommates is getting married in May, and she was in town all week for her spring break. When she moves to Greenville in May, she and her husband are living in our neighborhood! We’re so excited to have them close by. We went to a couples shower for them last weekend, and then we went to a Greenville Road Warriors hockey game with them on Friday night. It was a lot of fun! Andrew has been wanting to go for a while, and I’m not a big sports person, but it’s something that’s fun to do once or twice a year.


Last night we got all dressed up and went to the JDRF gala. My boss was the gala chair this year, and she and her husband invited us to sit at their table. This year’s theme was “There’s No Place Like the Carolinas,” a spinoff on the Wizard of Oz. The Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie as a little girl, and the ballroom where the gala was held was transformed into a Wizard of Oz wonderland. It was a fun night for sure, and they raised $347,000 for JDRF.


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