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Wedding Weekend in Banner Elk, NC: Part 2

We woke up to the sound of rain on Katie and Mitchell’s wedding day. They had a backup plan in case of rain, but they were really hoping to be able to get married in the gazebo. Apparently the Lord just wanted to send a few “showers of blessings” as Katie’s Nana would say, because everything cleared up by late morning.

The girls headed over to Nana’s house to get ready while the boys went out for breakfast. Katie put together a little breakfast for us to enjoy while we got ready. And yes, you read that right, the bride made breakfast for us. We’ve all embraced the fact that Katie can’t stay out of the kitchen, and we just go with it at this point. The girl loves to cook and serve people.

Part of our breakfast consisted of pastries from Stick Boy Bread Company in Boone, NC. Let me tell you, they were to die for. I’m not usually a big chocolate fan, especially for breakfast, but I could eat one of those chocolate croissants (pictured below) every morning.

KM Wedding Day 1

KM Wedding Day 2


Everything was so relaxed as we ate and got ready together. We joked that if we did end up running a little bit late, it didn’t really matter since there were just 11 of us.

Katie wore her mom’s wedding dress.  Here’s a few pictures my mom snapped of the original dress when Katie went to get it altered.  They’re a little fuzzy, but you can see that the dress went through a huge transformation. Katie decided to cut off the dress,  get rid of the sleeves, and add spaghetti straps.

Katie Wedding Dress

I snapped a few photos on my iPhone that I’ve included below, but I didn’t take the nice camera since Katie worked with  Katie Langley Photography to capture her day. Katie (photographer) was so laid back and easy to work with. We were all using our iPhones to snap a few photos to send to friends and family who weren’t there, and she was so sweet about letting us take our non-professional iPhone photos while she snapped away. She kept saying “your photos are just as important as mine,” even though that’s not necessarily true and hers are going to be so much better than ours. We’re all so excited to see them!

KM Wedding 1 KM Wedding 2

Her dress came out beautifully, and she looked stunning in it. These pictures don’t do justice to how great she looked in it – it couldn’t have fit her any better.

The ceremony was sweet and simple. We cut cake, toasted them, took pictures, and then they were on their way! They honeymooned in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and based on the few pictures they’ve posted, everything looks beautiful!

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring Banner Elk, Boone, and Blowing Rock with Katie’s family. Katie’s parents actually met in Banner Elk, so they showed us all these cute little places to eat and shop. Driving around up there was so pretty. I took a few photos, but they don’t come close to showing how breathtaking the views were.


We were sad to come down the mountain and get back to reality, but I guess that has to happen at some point, doesn’t it? Everything went by too fast, but it was such a sweet time spent with family.

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Wedding Weekend in Banner Elk, NC: Part 1

We had such a great Memorial Day weekend. My brother got married on Friday, and it was a beautiful, simple, laid back wedding. Katie and Mitchell both wanted a small wedding, so they decided to do a intimate ceremony with immediate family in Banner Elk, NC. We’re celebrating with extended family back in Greenville in a few weeks once they get back from their honeymoon and have a few days to get settled.

Katie’s mom grew up in Banner Elk, and her grandparents still live there today. I’ve been to the area in the wintertime since there are a few ski resorts nearby, but I’ve never been during their off-season. It’s the cutest little mountain town. It was about 10 degrees cooler than Greenville without the stifling humidity. I don’t know if I could get used to all the windy roads up there, but I sure loved that mountain air.

Katie and Mitchell chose to get married at the gazebo where Katie’s parents had their wedding reception. We all met up Thursday for their “rehearsal.” The rehearsal didn’t take too long since there were only a few people involved, so we had plenty of time to scope out the area and take lots of pictures. Everything was so green and beautiful!

KM Rehearsal 2

KM Rehearsal 1

KM Rehearsal 3

After we finished all our rehearsing and picture taking, we had dinner at Jackalope’s View at Archer’s Mountain Inn. Dinner was delicious and the restaurant overlooked an amazing view of the mountains. I’m kicking myself for not taking any pictures.


I  just love this picture of our new family!

Stay tuned for part 2…

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Wedding Weekend #1

One of my sweetest friends and college roommate got married this past weekend. I met Lindsay through my FCA small group at the very beginning of my freshman year of college, and we ended up living together during our junior and senior years of college. She and Thomas, her now husband, started dating around the same time that Andrew and I started dating. Andrew and Thomas lived on the same hall their freshman year and were already friends before we started dating, and Andrew was actually the one that introduced Thomas and Lindsay to each other.

Andrew and I both had a lot of fun hanging out with the two of them during college, and Lindsay and I spent many nights hanging out in each other’s rooms at our apartment talking about the boys and wishfully thinking out our weddings. This probably happened a little too much, but it also didn’t help that Pinterest came out during those years. I promise we weren’t crazy.

Lindsay’s wedding weekend kicked off at lunchtime on Friday with the cutest little bridesmaid luncheon. The decor was whimsical and fun (wishing I had taken more photos), and the food was delicious. They also had Brick Street Sweet Potato Cake, and even though we were all stuffed after lunch, we somehow made room for cake. You can’t not eat Brick Street’s cake when it’s offered to you.

Bridal luncheon


All of the bridesmaids except one at the bridal luncheon. This was the tallest bridal party I’ve ever been a part of. Normally I feel like I tower over everyone else,  but there were a few bridesmaids that had me beat this time. I should also mention that Lindsay played basketball at Clemson and has quite a few tall, athletic friends (not me, obviously).

The rehearsal dinner was at The Davenport in Greer on Friday night, and once again, everything was just lovely.
Lindsay Rehearsal Dinner

One of my favorite things about weddings is the time you get to spend with out-of-town friends. All of my roommates were in the wedding, and we had so much fun hanging out with each other all weekend.

IMG_3462 copy

Everything went off without a hitch on Saturday. Lindsay looked gorgeous, and her dress was amazing. The ceremony was beautiful, and we had fun dancing the night away at the reception.

IMG_2588 copy

Tillman Place #123 reunites

LindsayWEddingRachel, the one on on the right in the pictures above (we have an order we always get in when we take pictures), is getting married in a few weeks on June 14, and I’m so excited to see everyone and do it all over again!



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Wedding Wednesday: Videography

Since we’ve been married a year now, I thought I would start doing a few more wedding posts here and there. Makes sense, right? Better late than never.

Let’s talk videography. After getting our video, my parents agreed that videography was the best wedding investment they made. When we started making our wedding budget, I wasn’t sure if videography was absolutely necessary. It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, so every single dollar counts. However, after getting our video back, I was so thankful we decided to keep it in the budget. Yes, photography is important too of course, but watching your wedding come to life in a video is a completely different experience.

It was so fun being able to re-live our wedding day when we watched it for the first time. I realized that there were lots of little details that I didn’t notice on my wedding day because there was so much going on.

I saw my friends having a blast while dancing together.

I saw all the beautiful strung lights and chandeliers at our reception venue.

I saw Andrew get down on his knees and dance with our flower girl (I do remember this, but it’s such a sweet moment to be able to watch again).

I saw the faces of our wedding party as the stood on the stage at the church and watched us say “I do.”

I saw my brother and cousin/ringbearer goofing off in between taking pictures.

I got to hear sweet words and congratulations from the short “interview” clips done with our wedding party.

I saw long-time friends and family watch us and smile as we did our first dance.

I saw my brother drag my mom out into the middle of a circle on the dance floor and crazily spin her around, and then drag both my aunt and my great aunt out and do the same thing.

I saw couples that have been married for 50+ years, including my sweet grandparents, sway together on the dance floor.

I loved being be able to watch my wedding through someone else’s lens (pun intended).

Another benefit of having a videographer is being able to share your wedding day with guests that couldn’t make it. Andrew’s grandparents are older and live far away, so they weren’t physically able to travel to be at our wedding. When we visited last summer, we were able to watch our wedding video with them.

We watched our video a few weeks ago on our anniversary. Leading up to our anniversary, I was so excited to watch our wedding video together and reminisce about the day. I look forward to watching it in years to come, and it will be kind of cool to show our kids one day, too.

If you’re in the Carolinas and looking for a videographer, I highly recommended Carlisle Videography . Drew and Ashley make a great team and they exceeded all of our expectations. They gave us a trailer to share with friends and family online, but we also got a two hour DVD that includes our ceremony, scenes from the reception, interviews with Andrew and I, kind words from friends and family, and more.

Here’s the link to our trailer:


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Cinco de Mayo Wedding Shower

The second shower I helped host this weekend was a combined lingerie shower for Katie and one of her close friends, Reagan.  Katie had one request for the shower – she thought it would be fun to do a Mexican-themed shower since it was right before Cinco de Mayo. “Mexican” may not be the first theme that comes to mind when you think of a lingerie shower, but it turned out really pretty and everyone had a great time. There were no tacky hot pink and black feather boas to be found, and it was fun to throw such a unique shower.

We had the food catered from Two Chefs on Pelham Road (where Katie works). Everything was delicious. I was in charge of decorating. I borrowed some colored vases and the huge flowers from a family friend who does a lot of decorating. We filled the other vases with fresh flowers from Whole Foods. The galvanized silver pieces we used for the drink station were items from Katie’s registry that my mom picked up for her at the Pottery Barn outlet a few weeks ago. We thought it would be fun to use them for the shower and then tell her they were actually for her to keep.

The “tablecloth” is actually a hammock that I bought on a mission trip to Ecuador in 2007. My mom and Katie were both on the trip with me, and this is where we first got to know Katie. My brother was 16 at the time, and while he wasn’t really interested in having a girlfriend back then, my mom and I just loved Katie and thought he would really enjoy hanging out with her. We don’t necessarily take credit for them getting together, but they started hanging out as friends after that trip. It wasn’t too long until they started dating, and now they are getting married in less than three weeks! We just love Katie and can’t wait for her to officially be part of our family.

Katie Lingerie Shower 1


The beautiful brides-to-be!

Katie Lingerie Shower 2

Katie Lingerie Shower 3


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Couples Shower Cookout

I helped host two wedding showers this past weekend for my future sister-in-law. On Saturday night, my extended family on my mom’s side threw a couples shower at my aunt and uncle’s house. We chose to do an “upscale cookout” theme. My family loves to cook, so we had fun coming up with a menu. Here’s what we ended up doing:

  • Honey ham and grilled pork tenderloin with Hawaiian rolls
  • Potato bar with sweet and mashed potatoes
  • Tomato mozzarella balls
  • Fresh fruit (my cousin’s wife made the beautiful pineapple palm tree display pictured below)
  • Assorted cheese spreads with crackers
  • ABTs and Pig Shots made the egg – jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon with a chipotle raspberry sauce
  • Ramen Asian Salad
  • Red Velvet cupcakes
  • Pink Lemonade cupcakes
  • Homemade Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream
  • Sweet tea and lemonade

Our decor involved a lot of burlap, gingham, Mason jars, and bright flowers. My cousin’s wife did most of the decorating, and she did such a good job. Everything looked beautiful. We also put a few framed pictures of Katie and Mitchell on the tables. I designed the invitation for the shower, and we framed it and displayed it as well.

I included a few photos I snapped below. I’m not bragging on myself here, but I am going to brag on my family for a minute – they sure do know how to cook. The food was delicious, and the decorations came out great.

Katie Couples Shower 1


Katie Couples Shower 2

IMG_2487 copy

Less than three weeks until these two become Mr. and Mrs!

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