Goodbye, First Home

We officially move into our house in two weeks.

Even if our current home isn’t actually “ours,” it will definitely be bittersweet when we move out. We’ve loved living in our little downtown townhouse. It was built in the 1940’s and is oozing with character, which is something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find in a rental. I love the chunky baseboards, crown molding, and every single little creak from the original hardwood flooring.

We’ve made a lot of memories in our first home together, and it will be a sad to leave, but we’re really excited to move into our new house. It will be fun to have a place of our own, and there are definitely some things we won’t miss about living in an old house. And even though we have great neighbors, we probably won’t miss having people on either side of our walls.

Here’s a peak into our little home for the past year and a half…

Welcome to University Ridge Condos.

IMG_3167 Front

Here’s our little living room, which is actually bigger than our living room in our new house haha.



Our entertainment center was a huge steal from a thrift store – only $85 and made from real wood. I’m not sure if we have a place for it in our new house, but I’m hoping I can make it work somehow because I really like it and it was the find of a lifetime.


One of my favorite parts of our house is a our coffee station. Our kitchen is TINY, so we had to get creative to fit everything, so we created a little coffee station. The dresser was actually my Mema’s dresser when she was in high school. My great grandfather painted it with car paint, which is what is still on it. All we had to do was clean it up and add new knobs, and now it’s one of my favorite pieces in my house.



Welcome to our dining room.



And here’s our little kitchen. If you blink, you might miss it.


We had to think outside the box when figuring out how to fit everything. We used the open shelves for plates, and keep most of our food in the cabinets. All of our appliances are in a storage closet in our living room. My Kitchenaid is in the bottom of our entertainment center.That’s normal, right? Also, when we moved in we realized that there weren’t any  drawers in the kitchen. Again, we had to get creative – notice the silverwear and other utensils on the shelf above the sink.


The bedrooms are bathroom are upstairs. All of our furniture in our bedroom came from an auction or Marshall’s. My grandparents made the headboard for me the Christmas before we got married.




And last but not least, my office.



University Ridge, we’ll miss you!

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  1. why haven’t we been climbing the tree????

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