Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a twenty-something living in Greenville, SC.

I got married in April 2013. My husband and I met during our freshman year at Clemson University (go Tigers!) and dated throughout college. He popped the question shortly after graduation and we got married less than a year later.

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Andrew and I are the textbook example of “opposites attract,” but it works for us.  We complement each other in many different areas. Life with Andrew includes a lot of laughs.


I work at a pink, sparkly, boutique public relations firm. My official title is “Sparkle Sidekick,” and my boss is “The Sparkle Boss.” I promise we really do work. For real though.

A few of my favorite things include baking, NYC, singing, bargain hunting, decorating, my church, finding a new use for something old, and anything pink.


Why I blog…

I like the idea of having a place to document and share my journey of life – however boring or exciting it may be. Southern by Design is a collection of my  projects, recipes, thoughts, and maybe an occasional story or two.  I don’t have a fancy camera or an eye for photography, so I can assure you that this won’t be the most visually pleasing blog you’ve ever come across.

This blog is strictly a hobby, meaning I don’t want to feel like I have to post to keep up with it. I’ll do my best, but there may be a few weeks in between posts sometimes, and that’s okay. Let’s be real though – there aren’t hundreds of people reading my blog, anxiously awaiting my next post 🙂

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