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Lake Days

We spent this weekend relaxing, reading, and playing on the lake with my family. And yes, I enjoy reading while I lay out at the lake. My siblings  make fun of me – it’s not that weird, is it?

Here’s a few shots to sum up our weekend…


Kinley played a lot of fetch.


She also got to practice diving into the lake a lot. She can swim just fine, but we put the life jacket on her because she hasn’t exactly mastered getting up the ladder, so we use it to pull her out of the water.


Cute husband.


Spiderman husband.


Autumn got to spend the weekend with us, which we always love.  Autumn was my family’s foster child for a year and a half, but  she got adopted by a wonderful family that lives less than five minutes away from my parents, so thankfully we still get to see her a good bit. She was also the flower girl in our wedding. Isn’t she cute?


My brother throwing my sister into the water. This seemed to happen a lot.


I put together a sequence of Kinley jumping in. Don’t look too close because you’ll see my mistakes.

I took all these photos with my brother’s Canon t3i that he let me play around with, which turned out to be a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I really, really liked it. Bad because now I want one, and they aren’t exactly cheap. Maybe I’ll ask for that for the next five birthdays and Christmases. Ok, it’s not that expensive, but still.














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