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Wedding Wednesday: Videography

Since we’ve been married a year now, I thought I would start doing a few more wedding posts here and there. Makes sense, right? Better late than never.

Let’s talk videography. After getting our video, my parents agreed that videography was the best wedding investment they made. When we started making our wedding budget, I wasn’t sure if videography was absolutely necessary. It’s no secret that weddings are expensive, so every single dollar counts. However, after getting our video back, I was so thankful we decided to keep it in the budget. Yes, photography is important too of course, but watching your wedding come to life in a video is a completely different experience.

It was so fun being able to re-live our wedding day when we watched it for the first time. I realized that there were lots of little details that I didn’t notice on my wedding day because there was so much going on.

I saw my friends having a blast while dancing together.

I saw all the beautiful strung lights and chandeliers at our reception venue.

I saw Andrew get down on his knees and dance with our flower girl (I do remember this, but it’s such a sweet moment to be able to watch again).

I saw the faces of our wedding party as the stood on the stage at the church and watched us say “I do.”

I saw my brother and cousin/ringbearer goofing off in between taking pictures.

I got to hear sweet words and congratulations from the short “interview” clips done with our wedding party.

I saw long-time friends and family watch us and smile as we did our first dance.

I saw my brother drag my mom out into the middle of a circle on the dance floor and crazily spin her around, and then drag both my aunt and my great aunt out and do the same thing.

I saw couples that have been married for 50+ years, including my sweet grandparents, sway together on the dance floor.

I loved being be able to watch my wedding through someone else’s lens (pun intended).

Another benefit of having a videographer is being able to share your wedding day with guests that couldn’t make it. Andrew’s grandparents are older and live far away, so they weren’t physically able to travel to be at our wedding. When we visited last summer, we were able to watch our wedding video with them.

We watched our video a few weeks ago on our anniversary. Leading up to our anniversary, I was so excited to watch our wedding video together and reminisce about the day. I look forward to watching it in years to come, and it will be kind of cool to show our kids one day, too.

If you’re in the Carolinas and looking for a videographer, I highly recommended Carlisle Videography . Drew and Ashley make a great team and they exceeded all of our expectations. They gave us a trailer to share with friends and family online, but we also got a two hour DVD that includes our ceremony, scenes from the reception, interviews with Andrew and I, kind words from friends and family, and more.

Here’s the link to our trailer: http://vimeo.com/65737806


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Wedding: Cake

My wedding cake was seriously one of my favorite things about my wedding. I like to refer to it as “the best cake in the world.”

It was  so delicious. We choose three different flavors: chocolate raspberry swirl, white chocolate cake with strawberry swirl, and almond pound cake. I wish I would have had more of an appetite at my wedding because I would have eaten so much more cake than I did. Thankfully, we had some leftover and  got to stuff ourselves munch on it for a few days after we got back from our honeymoon.

It didn’t just taste good, it looked good too. Kathy and Company did our cake and they were so wonderful to work with. They took my ideas – pearls, bows, and a monogram (you’d never know I was from the South…) –  and turned it into the cake of my dreams. Maybe I’m being a little bit dramatic right now . I mean we are talking about a cake,  but  I was thrilled with how it turned out.


Blog wedding cake

Isn’t it pretty?

In other news, Andrew and I made homemade ice cream again this weekend…so there’s that. Recipe to come.

We’re also heading to Colorado with Andrew’s parents later this week to go see his family out there. I’m going to attempt to take a carry-on for a 5 day trip. That’s right –  5 days. My mom laughed when I told her. If I pull this off, I’m going to classify myself as a packing expert. Or maybe I’m just finally packing like a normal person and not bringing 3.5 outfit choices for each day of the trip…

I like the packing expert option.   I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Wedding: Save the Dates

I was what you would call a “hands-on” bride, meaning I had an opinion about most aspects of my wedding. When I didn’t have an opinion, I let my mom make the decision since I trust her judgement.

One example of me being “hands-on” was that time I decided to  design my entire wedding invitation suite. Looking back, I don’t know if this was the best decision, as it was extremely time consuming.

The upside is that I got to customize every single little thing and show my personality through my designs.

The downside is that I got to customize every single little thing. Of course, I wanted everything to be “unique,” so I spent a lot of time designing each item.

Side note: I took a design class in college, so this wasn’t some completely random skill that I decided to teach myself upon getting engaged.

Let’s start off with the Save the Date.

I decided to do a post card since they were a little cheaper to mail. Plus, you don’t have to stuff and lick any envelopes – you’ll have plenty of chances to do that later on.

Here’s what I ended up with….

Save the Date Front

photo (2)

Save the Date Backphoto (3)

It took me a good bit of time to decide on the design. After that, I had to piece together every little aspect of it (the wooden background, frames, pictures,  clothespins, etc.),  but I was happy with how they turned out.

Total cost: $40 to print 250 postcards – not too bad! This does not include the cost of stamps.  I also didn’t end up needing 250 postcards, but sometimes you have to order by 50 or 100 when ordering bulk.

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Wedding: Engagement Pictures

Ok, I know I promised that I wouldn’t turn my blog into a wedding blog. The promise still stands, but I’ve decided to do a few posts on different aspects of our wedding. Now that all the craziness of planning is over, I don’t mind going through all the tasks that had to do get done before the big day.

We got our engagement pictures taken when I was living in New York last summer (I actually left for New York a year ago today). One of my roommates up there happened to be a photographer, so I asked her if she would shoot our engagement pictures when my family and Andrew came to visit for a weekend.

We were thrilled with how they turned out…




Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wedding pictures, but I think my engagement pictures will always be my favorite pictures I have of just Andrew and I. I’m so glad it worked out for us to have them taken in New York.  My roommate, Joanna, did such a great job of capturing our personalities through the photographs. I love all the laughing, candid pictures she took.




I love how she incorporated our Southern roots into this picture through the menu.


  I highly recommend that couples have engagement pictures taken. It’s a ton of fun and you have a lot more time to take the pictures than you will on your wedding day. While this wasn’t the case with us, it’s usually a good time for your wedding photographer to get to know you as a couple. Plus, besides your wedding pictures, they will probably be the only other professional pictures you have of you and your significant other for a while.

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